Curious to learn more about prospecting, jewelry making or rocks and minerals?  Google and Youtube provide a ton of information just with the search engines, however, here are a couple that have been recommended to us.  Please let us know if you find any errors with the links or if you have additional suggestions.

Geology presentations – Bob Hickey, Geologist

Local Glaciers  Click here to download

Rift & Uplift Geology Click here to download  

Click here for The Rock Doc Website

Rock, mineral and prospecting store located in the heart of Chaffee county with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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Click here for The Prospectors TV Show

Search in YouTube for episodes.


Click here for Free Gemology Courses

Find several informative, online courses in the link above.


Click here for Geodes Guide

An informative webpage from Maryville University featuring information related to geodes.